Rhonda began her holistic journey as a result of permanent paralysis in her arm while she was a corporate trainer for an international franchise chain .  After finding holistic treatments, (quite by accident) she had 90% usage of her arm return after only 2 weeks! This was a life changing event that inspired her to share with others how much holistic and integrative medicine had helped her, where western medicine had failed to provide healing. She opened a private practice, the Stress Management Center in 1990 and began teaching workshops. In 1998 she opened Holistic Horizons which offers courses in the Healing Arts for people who wish to open their own practice as well as for personal enrichment. In 2008 she was awarded the Best New Business Idea for Southeast Iowa with her carefully crafted natural spa product line. 

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  • ‚ÄčRadio Show on KBUR 1490 AM the first Tuesday of Every Month at 9 AM

  • Rebroadcast over the 6 Sister Stations at various times throughout the month.

  • Podcast is available on the KBUR site, or by contacting us directly.

  • Check back for upcoming classes, public appearances and book signings.

Who We Are

Rhonda D. Reif MBA, MA is the CEO of Life's Pathways LLC.  She has an impressive range of experience and education. Her holistic viewpoint addresses the root cause of issues and allows her to find the best solutions and strategies for organizations, businesses and individuals. By looking at the big (whole) picture she is able to make sure that all options are considered. She is an expert in Conscious Communication and enhancing awareness between our thoughts, our health and our success. She has been inspiring others with her public speaking for over 33 years. 

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